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tv   Live on 5  ABC  January 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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18 in ravina and we got uppe teens for lorraine and mansfield and wooster and the winds have calmed down. the wind chills are a few clicks lower than the actual air temperature. this is bitter cold and we will have to deal with more bitter cold air. we will see lows generally between five and ten above zero. here are the current wind chills. five in cleveland and eight in akron and it feels like three in menner and four in ashtabula. below readings for much of the last 36 hours and schools closings a lot of them. for asking about school closings tomorrow. you are going to school. the wind chills will be a few clicks below the air
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winter storm warnings out for the tennessee and ohio valley. for this batch of snow coming this way, this is not the big east coast storm. some are predicting that but this snow could catch us tomorrow afternoon and it should be a light snow and less falling during the evening commute. there could be slick spots on the bridges and overpasses and on the highways as everyone tries to get home. we will watch for the light snow. this area in eastern ohio. this bulky is snow is to the south and we get a little bit of warmup. notice the temperatures, 20s and 30s and that's coming your way. i will tell you when when we come back. stick around.
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bit. the shooting death of jeffro nerves and there are petitions making its rounds. >> reporter: there will be penalties for people who kill police dogs after online petitions. >> multi online petitions are demanding ohio state law better petition. this woman wants to increase the penalty of three years in prison to life behind bars. this man, shot jeffro after officers responded this month. outrage is overflowing. another petition says that the death
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>> i am sure that would not be constitutional. >> this professor tells me that death penalty has been reserved for those convicted of killing people but not animals but few other legislative changes are off of the table. >> there is a lot of discretion where they want to set penalties so they could increase the possible punishment for the killing of a police dog if they wanted to. >> state senators including increase the penalties. >> some say three years is not enough. >> there is overwhelming support among police officers here in the canton police department to strengthen that. >> reporter: and i did reach out to the senator's office.
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working on legislation but didn't have any details. i worked out to governor john kaisch's office and senator de wine's office and will wait to see more legislation. developing today at five, no charges filed against a man that set out on a mission to kill officers and succeeded in taking one of them down. the knox county prosecutor is waiting for gun and dna and evidence result from the ohio crime lab before proceeding with any possible charges against herschel jones. police say he killed danville officer todd catrel but trying to figure out why. police are looking for a man that sexually assaulted a policewoman and stole her card. he used it at the lowe's store. at the time the woman's store
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anyone that recognizes this man is asked to call police. >> sad news on the campaign trail. ben carson suspended his campaign after three students and a volunteers were hurt in a crash in iowa. the carson campaign van hit ice and flipped over and hit by another vehicle. in the meantime the rest of the presidential candidate are battling it out. iowa with voting under two weeks and chris flanagan is like in the newsroom with more >> donald trump receiving a major endorsement from alaska governor sarah palin. why is this a big get. sarah palin spent years to develop support and the endorsement could be helpful. conservatives issuing a petition to change their tone.
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to back off the attack. the donald trump may be heating the conservative advice and bringing out instead their secret weather. trump's daughter ivanka. bernie sanders with nina turner saying he does not do personal attacks. according to clinton documents sanders is right. received $675,000 from goldman sachs in 2015. and sanders within striking distance of hillary clinton. cruz and donald trump neck in neck. our own john kaisch is showing him in second place in
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that's according to likely republican primary voters pulled friday through monday. kaisch got 20 percent of the votes. good results. in some respects, i wish a lot of the news had come out later because i like to shock people just a week ago the governor had 14% and new hampshire and last month he pulled at 13%. well, here in ohio voters will get to cast declare ballots in the primary in less than two months. and focused on the race for
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>> reporter: a race that involves ted strickland and p j underestimate him. forced with a race with rob port man but he will have to get against pj sittenfeld. he argue that strickland race as governor. >> i think we are eager to make this race a stale, angry argument about the past. we want to look forward and >> strickland was endorsed after announcing his run last year and in the hopes to avoid a costly primary. he has picked up democrat leaders the mayor of akron and former congressman tom sawyer that said he didn't like the party's rush to endorse strickland. >> they didn't endorse us standing there and the truth of the matter either did ted.
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he came and asked about support and talked about his positions as candidate should. >> the 74-year-old strickland that campaign released 29 leaders have endorsed him have refused to debate sittenfeld says there are policies issues. >> let's discuss them and have a robust conversation about what is at stake here. we as a democratic party should football coaches be afraid of the democratic process. and sittenfeld says before his own campaign he will have more than $2 million to tell his story over the course of the next two months. two state lawmakers want to take a trip to gather opinions on medical marijuana and legalizing on medical marijuana. lawmakers are considering to bringing medical marijuana to the table. last week ohio house leaders
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review the possibility. new developments on the water crisis in flynn michigan. there is attempts to get more federal funding. lawsuits filed against the governor because of water they could not use. angry residents continue to rally. some demanding the governor to be arrested. the state under investigation after a change of water source in lake huron to save money. exposing residents to toxic levels of lead and five months to warn the public. >> my baby and i are itching from the water. i don't like the idea that my baby can't drink. >> the epa is defending its handling of the crisis and the system is switched back to lake huron and the system is so bad that water is not safe to drink. the governor maintains he did not know the severity of the
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address his matter at the state of the state address tonight. all right, chris. imagine calling 911 over and over and no one answers. it happened in one office after someone collapsed and started to have seizures. the 911 dispatcher explains she couldn't answer the phone. and it looks like the u.s. tragedy to hit isis in its pocketbooks is working. the latest move that may leave fighter reconsidering the loyalty. a supreme court case on immigration leaving a big impress on the campaign. how it will impact the candidate to replace president obama. a man says his identity is stolen over and over and over. the real punch in the gut is
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all coming up at 5:55. book with new developments. a political bomb. >> president obama's reaction
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and live in the newsroom with the implications of this case. >> president obama's executive action on immigration allows 4 million undocumented immigrants whose children are u.s. citizens to apply for work and avoid deportation. a plan laid out in 2014 but because of the legal challenges implemented. ground. we got a strong argument in terms of the legal ground that we are operating and in terms of the practical impact and positive impact that these executive actions will have. the supreme court will hear arguments in april and that june decision will come in the middle of the presidential campaign season before the convention. if the supreme court sides with the white house there will be 7 months left in president
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action and the next president to undue the program. developing at five the search continues in the pacific ocean after two marine helicopters crashed into each exercise. so far crews have found all four rafts that were deployed after a chopper collision and no one on board any of them. a total of 12 marines were on those rafts and no indication that anyone survived. one of the prisoners set freed is talking about his experience. former marine amir hackmati. the u.s. agreed to release 7 iranians charged with violating u.s. sanctions. they are also dropping arrest warrants for 14 others.
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who are captured essentially were amazed and asked us why is it that you know working so hard for you and i just said well that's america and they love their citizens and the other prisoners were really moved by all of this support. >> one of the other relieved americans is back home in boston. new developments in fight against isis. they are having money problems. documents leaked shows that the pressure of being at war is forcing the group to cut salaries by half. paychecks are given to fighters every other week and isis employees were earning between 400 and $1200 a month as well as $50 per wife and $50 per child. this comes after u.s. released
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taking out a cash storage warehouse. no secret that our waters are polluted with plastic waters but a warning suggests it will get worse. it is predicted by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. expected that plastic production will increase to more than one million tons. experts are urging a renewed push for recycling to cut down on the production. mark johnson is keeping us informed on the weather. he goes live during the day. face back live videos. mark johnson on facebook and videos from the snow belt this past weekend and this morning, still can't find my truck. it is under the snow somewhere. but it is there. i know it is. you may not see it until spring. let's look at what is going on. here is the good news.
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what is that big glowing thing in the sky? sun shining love seeing that in downtown cleveland and it should be a beautiful sunset. now, let's take taught east side to the snow belt where ashtabula got a good 15 to 18- inches of snowfall in the general vicinity. it is just no school at ashtabula high school. here is wooster high school. look at the clear skies. and your cleveland, we showed you that, a little snow earlier this morning and now we are drying out and clouds are clearing out. let's get to the weather story of the day. say bye-bye. bye-bye squalls, good riddance, thank you for the narvia picture card but we are done. thompson and now fading out just a few flurries for geneva
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sliver in chardin but all in all clearing skies. we got high pressure building in and that's bringing in dryer air. that will help and look at these snow fall totals. we will have more at 11. chardin, 26-inches of snow and that's a two day total, 48 hour total and then this morning. and kirkland, 18-inches, south madison we will go two feet. burton nine-and-a-half and concord township about 18. outside of the big snow bands. strongsville two inches of snow. feast or famine. 18 degrees currently in cleveland, menner and akron and canton and 16 in mansfield and 16 in youngstown. fremont to norwalk and wind chills and if the kids are playing in the snow, 5 is what
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ashtabula and wooster the wind chill is four lonely degrees. i don't think wind chills will drop below zero so we are not worried about wind chill issues and no advisories. all of the advisories for wind chill and snow, lake-effect snow have expired. your evening temperatures watch them fall by 9:00 p.m. for cleveland and it will be about 15 degrees. canton, akron near 12 degrees by nine p.m. and notice the clouds clearing out. the next weather maker, high pressure and this weakening cold pressure that will fade out. we have snow coming in, in the afternoon and it looks less than an inch but it will occur ten degrees tonight, a few flakes east but staying cold. you want to see tomorrow, i know you do. tomorrow it is light snow during the afternoon and a trace to an inch 22 degrees. a warmup in the seven-day forecast dominic and frank and
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>> the latest actor to call out the oscars for not nominating a single actor of color for a second year in a row and he knows something about being snubbed by the academy. a local sheriff's office courting controversy on social media. we look at a post this is a
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death penalty in ohio. a new study with the cdc says sexually active teens have not been tested for hiv. >> less than a quarter of high school students have been tested and only a third of young adults have. researchers found 34% of students that reported having sex with more than four partners were tested. nearly half of high school students will engage in sexual
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a push in ohio will push down for how painkillers are prescribed. john kaisch and several leaders have established guidelines for those that need painkillers for less than 12 weeks. the guidelines are recommending alternative treatment before prescribing a pill that has addictive qualities to it. only on five, a woman speaks exclusively to us after arranging a sale online.
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the hall of fame but not how he planned. live on 5 continues brought to you by national carpet mill outlet super store. the shooting death of a canine in canton. an officer prompted one woman to start an online petition calling for the accused gunman to face stiffer penalties.
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with thousands of signatures calling for people convicted of killing police canines to face maximum life sentences. instead of three years in prison. some state lawmakers already working on a bill. the prosecutor in knox county is waiting for test results for the ohio crime lab before deciding on any possible charges against herschel jones. jones is accused of killing danville police officer thomas catrel. warning them that he was looking to kill a cop. and two people taking off for a marijuana tour and what people think about bringing medical pot to our state, both the state and house senate have set up forces to look into that matter. and mark johnson we brought the weather ... >> quieting down. of the snow blitz this is a the
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let me show you the radar. here is the first good news. there are no lake-effect snow advisories or warnings. all canceled or expired and no wind chill advisories. if you look at this a couple of flurries in ashtabula and madison. the snow will end as winds shift to the south. let's show you the satellite map and skies are clearing out thanks to a little area of high pressure building in and moving our way. now what are the temperatures doing? they are still cold. 17 in medina and in ashland, 18 akron and cleveland and canton. 17 for ravenna and menner. let's look at the hour by hour. dropping you down and will end up ten above zero. away from the city lights and digits and wind chills above zero and we begin warmup with more snow coming in. you want more snow? no.
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now to a story will you see here, a lake county mother could have lost her life over posting the sale after video game. the thieves could have gotten away with the crime had it not been for the woman's quick thinking. >> reporter: two teenagers have been arrested on aggravated robbery charges. it happened after a video game system was posted for scale online. >> i have shoes and anything you can imagine. >> the potential sale of this video game system that this mother will not soon forget. she asked that we not show her face. she put it up for sale on a buying and selling website and agreed to meet the driver in her driveway off of a busy street and she told me she took extra precautions by took someone with her and had a coworker. >> i opened it and he was like
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money and so he pulled out a little wad and was like here it is. shoved it back to his coat. and then he tried to grab the playstation. i closed the box and that's had the other passengers pulled or got out of the car and said you know what this is. and that's what she explained a rifle was pointed at her. she screamed into the phone to call police. two co-workers came running over and the two men took off. >> that was my hard-earned money, why should i lose it because you want it. >> police tell me thanks to her quick thinking two young men were arrested. she got a good description of the car. >> she also was able to snap a photo of the car pulling away. it was not a clear image but the vehicle information and then also the -- to offer up an
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of the suspects used. the victim wants to know why the two teenagers will do this and they have not been in trouble before. for added security they suggest police station. tracy carlos. newschannel 5. not the hall of fame induction pete rose was hoping for but his team will give him a hall-of-famer's treatment. the cincinnati reds announced that along with inducting him into the team's hall of fame number, number 14. the 74-year-old is still banned from baseball for life after appeal to the new mlb commissioner was rejected. and as the australian gets under way this week, reports of match fixes are overshadowing
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the bbc and buzz feet are supporting that officials suppressed evidence and failed to investigate suspicious djokovic was offered $200,000 to throw a first round match. >> i was not approached directly and, of course, we threw it away right away. it didn't get to me. the tennis officials are shooting down the reports but standing by their reporting. many families have found the use of service dogs helpful especially with children. they have with disability is and can calm a person down. one woman had a service dog for her child that had a severe peanut allergy and she got sport that was trained to snuff
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then her son went into and na seffic shock. >> i was surprised being five feet i way he was not showing any behavior. >> did he ever stop at a bag of peanuts. well the mom took sport back to the trainer that claims he has had success with other families. several complaints have been filed against the company. new at five. what action was taken against the 911 dispatcher that ignored several emergency calls because she was busy ordering people. and facebook is stepping up to cover hate on crime. and here are your winning
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share the love. now it is time to play
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show. name that side of town. our players frank and dominic. i will present imagery from our facebook and twitter viewers and you have to guess which side, west side or east side. name that side of town. boom. beautiful late afternoon. >> west. >> west side. dominic, one point. >> and name this side of town. finally stopped snowing. you got an opportunity. west or east side. >> can i get a clue? >> no. dominic. >> east side. >> here we go. what about this -- >> west side? dominic two and frank one. we did that one. we are sorry frank, the answer is parma. you lose. thank you for playing east side versus west side.
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we will be back with more. why is hypothyroidism becoming a problem. we turn to dr. keith unger an endocrinology of ohio. what are some of the symptoms. the inability to lose weight. anxiety, depression. the hair thinning. >> why do people feel these symptoms after the thyroid blood test is showing a normal range. >> in a conventional model a lot of times they will monitor
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the symptoms because realistically they have not identified the mechanisms or issues. how is your approach? dot detective work and extensive testing to determine what the underlying causes are conditions. what are typical results? >> a lot of time in the office we will be able to see the exercise. their mood swings will be decreased and they will have night. amazing. thank you for being with us. dr. unger is offering the first 25 callers that qualify a
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call 1(800)232-2055. 1(800)232-2055. 911 dispatchers are there to answer the call when there's an emergency. at least they are supposed to be. they called from their office. no answer. i called from my cell phone and no answer. other people tried to call and nobody picked up from the other side. all of those calls were made after a patient at a florida eye -- began having seizures. while they were trying to get hold of the emergency dispatch center he was on the phone with
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what can i get for you. >> let me have one slice of cheese pizza and a lunch fortunately the man came back for his seizure and the dispatcher admitted to the reprimand. where it seems like everybody will focus anything an web site is cracking down after polls were raised facebook prohibits bullying and more but does not do enough to monitor it.
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twitter outrage that impacted an unknown number of websites three million users. the technical issues started at three and this afternoon the problem had to do with a coding change. developing on five, a controversy over the oscars. more stars are chiming in calling a a boycott over the show. >> a heavy weight talking about a lack of diversity getting a reaction. >> i will not be at the academy awards. >> after jade smith posted that video on her facebook page monday and director spike lee announced on instagram he can't support it. the academy responds. president isaacs in a statement admitted she is heart broken about the lack of inclusion and
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steps to alter the makeup of it. we need the support of the industry. >> selma star honored isaacs last night joining the critics to recognize a person of color in the acting category. >> to be missed one year one thing and to happen again this year, is unforgivable. some of the actors seen as overlook. wil smith for his role in concussion. for the boycott. michael moore tweeting support saying he will join them adding that i believe the academy will fix this. while the academy won't release demographics, it is 93 african-americans making up two percent. lauren lister. abc news los angeles. a lot of people talking
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facebook and twitter. it is all over the face. the cold and chill and biting weather. it will hang around for another night and we will warm things up after tomorrow. so it is january, right? >> that's true. the good news is that there is no big monster squall out there right now. we have dried out for the most part. time to shovel out, folks. >> do you have a clementine. >> it sounds fresh. >> i just peeled me an orange. i got one there for you. there is a clementine. a whole bag in the weather office. healthy snacks tonight. folks. here we go. a live look to consider. the beautiful sunset sky shot of cleveland. a few clouds and clearing and watch improvement, watch the squalls fading out. geauga county and cuyahoga county and no longer any lake
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fading out and maybe a lingering flurry and jefferson. won't last long. an area of high pressure over central ohio and southern ohio close to us to bring in dryer air and shut down the lake erie snow machine. i still got -- i didn't clean off the walk yet. my dogs are this call and they are under the snow by a foot as they try to walk through that. 18 elyria and 18 cleveland and mentor and canton and akron and 18 for millersburg and 17 for ashtabula and ravenna. wind chills, a lot of single digits wind chills. bitterly cold. greater cleveland and everywhere. let's look at what is coming our way. an area of low pressure, a weakening storm system, it will come this way and by the time it reaches the tennessee valley. it is all by going to fade out. we are watching this little
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that is going to slide directly east and by tomorrow afternoon, we will likely have to deal with light snow. generally a dusting to an inch of snowfall. okay? so not a huge deal but if this comes during the rush it will slow you down a little bit for the afternoon. not expecting any school closings for your wednesday. so kids are tweeting you're going to school, do your homework. tonight's lows the for norwalk and lower 20s everywhere you go, west and east side. cleveland a low near ten and 9 for beachwood and solen with a high of 20 and akron lows 8 to 10. similar weather regimes everywhere you go depending on which county you are in. pretty similar. five to ten above zero. lower 20s tomorrow. here is the seven-day forecast. p.m.
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22 and overnight lows near 15 and thursday dry 25. a southern storm system for the tennessee valley is possible and may gray the southern counties in the viewing area. yet to be determined and do not fret about it. 32, notice the weekend should be dry. lower and middle 30s and actually going to melt a little snow and mid-30s monday and tuesday. so the deep freeze going away for a little while. frank and dominic. here is what is coming up at six. a local factory catches fire and crews struggle to extend gish the blaze. a new concern for employees. plus ... >> a controversial facebook post from the wayne county sheriff's office is fueling the decision on the death penalty in ohio. i sat down with the captain that posted that photo coming up at six. a case of stolen identity, brother against brother and we
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when live on 5 returns. imagine someone using your identity and you have to sue to get damages paid for. and now imagine it is one of your family members. jonathan walsh has more. what a terrible situation. >> reporter: jeff wilson has been putting up with his brother poising as him for the last ten plus years and fed up with the arrest system and he wants changes. >> i'm sick and i am so tired of fighting. >> reporter: jeff wilson can't believe what he has had to do with his identity theft cases. >> i will stand up and continue to fight. jeff took these documents and sued his brother, paul wilson in ohio and on the judge mathis show. >> i ended up winning the lawsuit and came back and i'm
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>> i found numerous charges against paul wilson including a 2006 felony conviction for identity fraud where jeff was the victim. >> i went to the doctor and used my name and changed the prescription and changed it to another amount and used my name and you know i end up going to jail for that. >> jeff spent a night in jail and then fought to clear his name. we tracked down several past addresses for paul. one doesn't exist and another the landlord said paul was not paying and left. >> i'm done renting to friends because he was a friend of mine. >> jeff is stepping forward again trying to get help about his brother. i contacted police in the summit county prosecutor's office. jeff has contacted various agencies too. >> whoever i talked to when i go down there. they say that that this should not happen. jeff wants the id theft to be
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>> there should be no way that somebody walks through and pretends to be somebody else. >> i uncovered another case where springfield township police confirmed that on november 1st last year paul wilson used jeff wilson's name again. with field arrests on misdemeanors where they don't haul people in the station there are no fingerprint scanners in the car to verify what a criminal is saying about his id. i'm jonathan walsh. newschannel 5. that's it for live on five. chris, what is going on at six? >> we got a lot going on. a local sheriff's department facebook post with a lot of controversy. see why it is sparking debate about death penalty. a factory goes up in flames and the bitter cold made it
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